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Kowri Protect; A tailor-made product to Insure SMEs in Ghana

Running a business in a coastal area comes with its pros and cons. One disadvantage is the threat of flood whenever it rains. Other natural disasters, such as fires and hurricanes, are not exempt.

Kowri Protect is an insurance solution to protect your business against natural disasters, burglaries, fires, floods, and more. By simply collecting with Kowri Business, merchants qualify to receive this insurance package underwritten by Star Assurance.

To be eligible for Kowri Protect, a business needs to be signed up to Kowri Business and transact a minimum of Ghc 20,000 over 90 days. An eligible business qualifies for a 1-year, non-renewable store insurance and public liability insurance of up to GHS 50,000.

Kowri Protect is more than just an insurance solution. It’s a commitment to protecting your store and its assets.

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