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Protect your Business. Protect your peace of mind.

Kowri Protect

Kowri Protect is an insurance solution designed to protect your store against various natural disasters, burglaries, fire, floods, and more. This means that when businesses on Kowri receive payments through USSD, mobile money, or cards, they receive free insurance coverage.

Coverage You Can Count On

Kowri Protect offers coverage against a range of natural disasters. With Kowri Protect, you can focus on running your business, with a peace of mind that comes from knowing that your assets, and even your customers, are secure.

Transact and get insurance
Transact and get insurance

Protect your Peace of mind

Kowri Protect is more than just an insurance solution. It’s a commitment to protecting your store and its assets. Invest in Kowri Protect today and secure your peace of mind.

Focus on your Business

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your assets and customers are secure.

Collect with Kowri. Get Free Insurance.

Kowri Protect is a commitment to protecting your business.