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Kowri Protect; A tailor-made product to Insure SMEs in Ghana

Business owners understand the need for business continuity at any time regardless of whatever mishap thay may occur. At Kowri, we recognize these risks and have developed a tailored insurance solution to safeguard your business.

Kowri Protect is designed to protect businesses against a range of threats, including natural disasters, burglaries, fires, and floods. By simply using the Kowri Business platform, merchants automatically qualify for this insurance package underwritten by Star Assurance.

To be eligible for Kowri Protect, a business must be signed up on the Kowri Business platform and transact a minimum of Ghc 20,000 over 90 days. Once eligible, a business qualifies for a FREE  non-renewable store insurance and public liability insurance for one year, with coverage of up to GHS 50,000. Kowri Protect goes beyond being just an insurance solution; it signifies our commitment to protecting your store and its valuable assets.

The Kowri Protect Policy incorporates an insurance contract that includes this insurance policy, the schedule, and the proposal form, subject to the payment of the premium. This policy offers comprehensive protection to small and medium-scale business operators who process payments through Kowri. It safeguards against potential losses caused by various risks, including:

  1. Fire and Allied Perils: This covers physical damage to your stock resulting from fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, water tank overflow, storm, explosion, riot, strike, civil commotion, and aircraft damage.

  2. Public Liability: Provides coverage for accidental damage to third-party property or injury and/or death caused by your operational activities.

  3. Personal Accident: Offers on-site coverage that provides financial relief to the business operator in the event of injuries or death resulting from accidents sustained

At Kowri, we are committed to ensuring the well-being and resilience of your business. By securing Kowri Protect, you gain peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Protect your business today with Kowri Protect and join other secure businesses in Ghana.

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