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Send money. It’s cheap!

With Kowri, you can send and receive money instantly from family and friends anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

Digital payment App with cheap charges

Get the most out of Kowri


Whatever you do, wherever you go, send and receive money fast.


Link multiple accounts (bank account, mobile money wallets, debit/credit cards) to make payments!


Every payment is protected, even when paying strangers.


Enjoy the cheapest rates on the market with Kowri.


Zero charges to open and hold an account on Kowri.


Transferring funds from one Kowri account to another.


Zero charges on adding funds from linked bank accounts.


Sending money from your linked momo wallet or card

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending money directly from your Kowri is at a charge of 1%.

Contact our support team via email on or call +233 302 747 223 for any assistance you will ever need. Our support team is always available to assist.

Yes, on Kowri e-levy charges are calculated on sending money as required by BOG.

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