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Bridging Financial Gaps: Kowri and MPOWER Collaborate to Support African Students

Kowri, a pioneering fintech firm dedicated to expanding financial access throughout Africa, recently announced a strategic collaboration with MPOWER, a premier provider of student loans tailored to individuals pursuing advanced studies across the United States and Canada. This strategic partnership, uniquely designed to address the financial needs of African students interested in graduate studies, will offer an array of flexible and cost-effective loan products specifically geared towards funding Master’s degree programs in these regions.

The demand for funding graduate studies in Africa has reached unprecedented levels, often hindered by limited access to credit from conventional financial institutions. This groundbreaking partnership aims to bridge this gap by furnishing African students with reasonably priced loans that encompass not only tuition fees but also encompass living expenses and other associated costs. Leveraging Kowri’s cutting-edge technological platform will facilitate a streamlined loan application process, while MPOWER’s profound underwriting acumen will ensure the implementation of equitable and transparent lending protocols.

Claud Hutchful, the CEO of Kowri, stated, “Kowri firmly believes in the fundamental role of financial access in propelling economic growth and advancement across Africa. Our collaboration with MPOWER, aimed at broadening financial accessibility for African students embarking on graduate studies abroad, is a source of immense gratification. We firmly believe that this strategic partnership will exert a transformative influence on Africa’s educational landscape, unlocking novel prospects for gifted and ambitious African scholars.”

Munya Chiura, MPOWER’s Head of Africa Business Development, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “The synergy between Kowri and MPOWER brings us tremendous excitement as it extends our services to the African student demographic. Often confronted with the challenge of securing affordable financial solutions to pursue their academic ambitions, African students are at the heart of this collaboration. We wholeheartedly share Kowri’s vision of democratizing financial access, and this collaboration stands as a pivotal stride towards actualizing this mission.”

Moreover, it is imperative to highlight that MPOWER’s loan offerings are exclusively tailored for individuals harboring intentions of pursuing postgraduate studies and can extend up to an impressive $50,000. Furthermore, MPOWER exhibits a distinct inclination towards students inclined towards STEM-related fields, further reinforcing their commitment to fostering expertise in these critical domains.

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