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Empowering Health Facilities: Kowri’s “Chaos to Clarity” Webinar an Overwhelming Success

Kowri, a leading all-inclusive digital platform, joined forces with the Medical Credit Fund (MCF) to host an enlightening webinar titled “Streamlined Reconciliation: From Chaos to Clarity.” Held on September 20th, 2023, at 10:00 AM via Microsoft Teams, this webinar surpassed all expectations and was a resounding success for all parties involved.

The webinar was designed with a singular objective – to showcase how Kowri for Business transforms collections and reconciliations for health facilities, all in collaboration with MCF. The event attracted a diverse audience of healthcare professionals, administrators, and financial experts, drawing a total of 50 participants, exceeding the initial registration count of 16.

The esteemed panel of speakers included industry leaders included Kwame Aniagyei, Head of Sales at Kowri, Nii Lous Nelson, Product Growth Manager at Kowri, Joseph Hansen-Addy, Director of MCF Ghana, Terence Adjei, who expertly moderated the discussion

The webinar comprised three highly informative sessions; Terence commenced the session with a compelling introduction of all the speakers, Kwame Aniagyei kicked off the event with a concise yet powerful overview on Kowri for Business and its partnership with the Medical Credit Fund, Joseph Hansen-Addy, Director of MCF Ghana, shared MCF’s core mission and the invaluable support it provides to health facilities and lastly, Nii Lous Nelson delved deep into Kowri for Business, demonstrating how it empowers health facilities to streamline their collections and achieve financial transparency.

Participants actively engaged in the Q&A session, demonstrating their keen interest in the topics discussed. Questions ranged from MCF’s loan types to the unique strengths of Kowri for Business. Kwame Aniagyei and Nii Lous Nelson expertly addressed each inquiry, leaving attendees with a comprehensive understanding.

The “Chaos to Clarity” Kowri webinar served as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in empowering health facilities and promoting financial transparency. Kowri, in partnership with MCF, continues to make strides in revolutionizing financial solutions for healthcare.

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