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EmpowerED Webinar: Illuminating the Path to Higher Education

At the heart of every great journey is the spark of education, the beacon that lights the way to a brighter future. In a world marked by global interconnectedness, the pursuit of higher education knows no boundaries. It transcends borders, weaving a tapestry of dreams and aspirations that span continents. This was the essence of the recent EmpowerED Webinar, a virtual gathering that aimed to empower and guide students on their journey to international education.

Set against the backdrop of a digital landscape, the EmpowerED Webinar unfolded with a promise: to provide insights, knowledge, and resources to turn aspirations into reality. The event, held on October 31, 2023, via Microsoft Teams, brought together participants from around the world, each one driven by the dream of studying abroad.

The title of the webinar, “EmpowerED Webinar: Your Path to Higher Education,” encapsulated its mission – to empower and guide. Over the course of 1 hour and 40 minutes, a diverse panel of speakers took attendees on an insightful journey. Munyaradzi Chiura, Head of Africa Business Development at Mpower Financing, shared invaluable insights into securing financial support for international education. Lydia Esenam Adzimah, International Education Specialist at WOORI Africa, offered a wealth of information for those considering studies in Canada. Throughout it all, Fafa Tossou served as a capable and engaging moderator, guiding the event seamlessly.

The webinar was thoughtfully structured into three distinct sessions: Introduction, Speaker’s Session, and Q&A. Each session was designed to provide a unique and comprehensive learning experience. During the Speaker’s Session, participants had the opportunity to delve into the heart of the matter, with each speaker addressing their areas of expertise. The Q&A session was especially vibrant, with attendees posing a multitude of questions. Their inquiries ranged from understanding Mpower’s various loan options and student eligibility criteria to gaining insights into studying in Canada and grasping the ease of using Kowri for the MPOWER loan application process.

The webinar proved to be a resounding success. It was a testament to the global interest in international education.

The true highlight of the event was the engagement of the audience. Participants actively posed questions, seeking to unravel the complexities of international education, financing, and everything in between. The enthusiasm was palpable, and it underscored the importance of such events in providing guidance and support to those embarking on this transformative journey.

At the end of the day, the EmpowerED Webinar was indeed a smashing success. It brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, all unified by a common dream – the pursuit of higher education. The event illuminated the path, providing insights, knowledge, and guidance, and it ignited a spark that will undoubtedly illuminate countless futures.

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