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Kowri Donates to the Victims of Akosombo Dam Spillage

In recent times, residents along the lower basin of River Volta have been met with an uncomfortable circumstance warranting their displacement. This is caused by the river’s overflow due to a spillage exercise carried out by the Volta River Authority (VRA) at the Akosombo dam which is still ongoing.

The VRA usually engages in a regular controlled spillage exercise so as to maintain a stable water level in the dam. This is very important as it helps to protect the integrity of the dam as well as its technological installations.

The periodic spillage of the Akosombo dam is a critical measure applied when the water level in the reservoir rises to precarious levels.

However, the consequences of such spillages like this include flooding and the displacement of downstream communities along the banks of the water bodies and its environs and these present challenges faced by working and trading Ghanaians in these affected areas. And It is estimated that over 12,000 persons have been displaced as a result of this spillage.

This spillage exercise had a scheduled start of September 15, 2023 at a normally low rate until October 10, 2023 when more spillage gates were opened to make way for the increasing levels of water inflows into the reservoir and this led to the river overflowing its bank and causing great damage to the communities around the dam and along the river’s banks.

Some of the communities affected include: Sogakope, Adidome, Tefle, Sokpoe, Agorme, Agbave mostly in the Volta Region. Others are district assemblies in the Volta and Eastern regions as well as North, Central and South tongu district assemblies; Shai Osudoku and Ada amongst others.

Some of the negative impact of the spillage include: these affected communities being cut-off electricity supply, some being cut off existing road networks to and from these communities, homes and farmlands being swallowed by the raging floodwaters, hospitals and hospitality centers/ facilities being forced to shut down temporarily. And these affect the livelihood of individuals in these communities.

As part of the efforts to alleviate the suffering of victims of this Akosombo dam spillage, Citi FM is currently canvassing for support for these affected victims. Hence, they have reached out to well-meaning Ghanaian individuals and corporate organisations to accomplish this feat. And this support is said to take the form of essential items and cash monies so as to assist them (the displaced victims) with food, water, clothing, mattresses, toiletries, blankets and other items.

Kowri, the fastest-rising Ghanaian digital financial app that has over the years assisted the Ghanaian middle class and upcoming Ghanaian businesses, has risen to the occasion by supporting Citi FM’s rescue donation drive.

Apart from the seed amount of Ghc 10,000, Kowri has volunteered their platforms to help with mobilizing more funds and donations for these displaced victims. In addition, businesses that accept the payments will be insured up to the tune of Ghc50,000 in the future towards subsequent damages occasioned by such natural disasters.


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